Marvel – Agents of SHIELD | 6 × 09 – Collision Course (Part II)

 Marvel - Agents of SHIELD |  6 × 09 - Collision Course (Part II)

The outcome of Marvel – Agents of SHIELD it was surprising because of May’s action, because otherwise, everything was very calm and as expected …

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Sarge did his best not to land his ship, but ended up being stopped by Yo-Yo and Mack, and he still saw Jaco going to the agents’ side after the big guy saw him shoot Jax.

The rivalry between Izes and Sarge is not very deep, it is only said that Sarge lost everything because of the redhead and that not even her family’s memories have more. Izes reinforces the enmity, but they do not go very far, let alone explain why he looks like Coulson.

The one with the appearance ends up being the most shocking, because the ending, after everything was resolved, at least apparently, since Izes may not have died with Jaco’s sacrifice, seeing May shooting Sarge three times was really bad.

The whole episode ends up going to the “happy ending”, with Deke entitled to create an embarrassing little situation with Fitz, while Simmons just laughs, and even Mack and Yo-Yo get back to it.

Daisy continues to have very intense moments and I always like it when she uses her powers.

Now we have to wait to see the end of the season and hope that Marvel – Agents of SHIELD have in your next episodes better plots that yield anxiety for the 7th year, which has already been confirmed to be the last.