Marvel – Agents of SHIELD | 6 × 07 – Toldja

 Marvel - Agents of SHIELD |  6 × 07 - Toldja

Marvel – Agents of SHIELD goes back to explaining more about the Shrink, the breed of “birds” that dominates the whole form of life and consumes it until its end. Here, the only thing we find is that they are weak to the cold, and we know that with Sarge making demands on the agents.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

They used a lot of drama, putting May and Yo-Yo to go after Shrink-dominated humans, while Deke silently tries to reconnect with Daisy, and Mack having to deal with Coulson’s image in Sarge.

Sarge makes it clear early on that he will soon be heard more than he is there by the agents, and this is what happens when May and Yo-Yo are at risk and Mack doesn’t know how to act, and even Daisy is waiting for some information from Sarge, that only asks them to take them to the cold, that they die.

Even giving us more information, the series sins in the development of the series, which continues to drag on…

At least we already have Fitz and Simmons meeting Izel in Kitson and preparing to return to Earth, after almost being killed, while Enoch is already saying goodbye to his friend. Now it is to see their return to Earth and find out what Izel wants there, and of course it has connections with Sarge.

Marvel – Agents of SHIELD it doesn’t show much and it frustrates a little because of the slow development. Deke hit the multiverse key again and as all of this only complicates things more, but the theme is only in quotes, I wanted more explanations and even connections, even if small with MCU…