Martin Scorsese’s best films to enjoy the weekend

Martin Scorsese’s best films to enjoy the weekend

The director Martin Scorsese he is not only one of the best directors today, but he was also one of the most acclaimed of the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s. five best films of the filmmaker:

Martin Scorsese’s best films

1. (1980)

Based on real facts, this work tells the story of boxer Jake LaMotta (played by Robert De Niro), who, after a time of glory, falls into decay, mixing his professional and personal life.

The film was nominated for eight Oscars in 1981, winning two of them: Best Actor (Robert De Niro) and Best Editing (Thelma Schoonmaker).

2. (2013)

Based on Jordan Belfort’s autobiography (played by Leonardo Di Caprio), the film tells how the businessman got rich quick and illegally before being investigated by the FBI.

was nominated for five Oscars, but won none.

3. (1976)

In this film, ex-Vietnam veteran and taxi driver Travis Bickle (played by Robert De Niro) suffers from insomnia and, while driving, feels increasingly disgusted and concerned about the society around him. In addition, he becomes obsessed with helping Iris (Jodie Foster), a 12-year-old prostitute.

The work won the Palme d’Or at the 1976 Cannes Film Festival, in addition to being nominated for four Oscars.

4. (1990)

Winner of the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor (Joe Pesci), the film is a biography of Henry Hill (played by Ray Liotta and Christopher Serrone) a young man who grew up in the mafia.

It is adapted from the book by Nicholas Pillegi.

5. (2006)

Adapted from the film, the film chronicles the mission of police officer Billy Costigan (Leonardo Di Caprio) to infiltrate the mob of Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson). At the same time, Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon) is tasked with infiltrating politics.

he won four Oscars in 2007, including Best Film and Best Director, for Martin Scorsese.