Mark Hamill comments that Star Wars has become less pleasant for him

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It is not yet certain what the ninth Star Wars movie has in store, but we know that Mark Hammill no longer cares whether or not he will return to the franchise. Being the actor responsible for playing Luke Skywalker since the late 1970s, the actor confessed in a recent interview to ABC News that Star Wars has become less pleasant for him since the death of Carrie Fisher, to whom he was very close.

“That (Fisher’s death) really hurt my ability to make the most of Star Wars. They were asking me before, ‘Are you going back?’, And at that level, I don’t care anymore. Why Han Solo is gone. Luke is gone it was. You just can’t get the band together the way you wanted to, and it shouldn’t be like that. But it is what it is.

That said, no one knows whether Mark Hamill will actually return to Star Wars. There is a potential chance that this will happen in episode IX, as a Phantom of the Force, one of the franchise’s favorite resources for inserting deceased characters into new narratives. These roles are usually small, with brief appearances, which may be better for Hamill, who is no longer having so much fun behind the scenes of the film. If he returns, however, this may still be his last appearance in the saga, but fans will always be grateful for the time they have spent with Luke Skywalker and his actor.

Meanwhile, the new Star Wars trilogy has introduced a new generation dealing with the responsibility of saving the galaxy, just as the trio Luke, Leia and Solo did decades ago. The last episode released was The Last Jedi, in December 2017. Check out the trailer below:

In addition to the official trilogies, spin-off films are being produced. The first released was Rogue One, in 2016, and Han Solo’s youth-focused narrative, which will be released next month, will continue the project. Watch the trailer:

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