Mark Hamill comments on final scene from Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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The “broom boy” that closes the movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been the subject of several debates not only among fans of the saga, but as his own cast. Mark Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker, comments on the film’s final scene:

“What I particularly love – and they didn’t have to do that, because the movie is over – is that, suddenly, you cut into a stable and there’s that little boy, he reaches out and the broom comes up to him. It’s so subtle The first time I saw it, I thought he just caught it, but if you look (carefully) he extends his hand and the broom moves towards him, implying that yes, she (Rey) is the last Jedi .. . until the next Jedi. It will last forever, believe me. Long after the two of us are gone, they will make these films from here for eternity. “

The name of this new character is Temiri Blagg, who was introduced in the last seconds of the film, almost in a post-credits scene, as a new user of the Force and, according to Mark Hamill at GamesRadar, Rey is the last Jedi just for now.

The fact that the Jedi continue is what director Rian Johnson means by this scene. The Force is part of nature, and so the Jedi can always rise, regardless of their situation: anyone can become a Jedi, just as it was with Rey, who is not part of any immaculate lineage, just as it will be with the boy of the broom, which should have its narrative continued in the next film, Star Wars IX.

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