Mario Kart Tour is released for free on mobile phones; see how to download

Mario Kart Tour is released for free on mobile phones;  see how to download

After some waiting time, Nintendo launched on Wednesday (25) the mobile game Mario Kart Tour. The new game from one of the company’s most famous franchises can be downloaded for free for Android and iOS.

Mario Kart Tour has a mechanic created especially to be played on cell phones. In this case, the device must be kept in an upright position, the acceleration of the vehicle is automatic and the player only needs to slide his finger to the right or left to make the turns.

In addition, to shoot the famous items, just slide your finger up or down, which will make the character launch it forward or backward, respectively. Another option is to just tap the screen.

The theme was what made Mario Kart Tour receive that name. Every two weeks, players will have to take a “tour” through tracks inspired by the main cities on the planet. New York is the first, while Paris and Tokyo are next on the list. The game also features classic outlines of the franchise.

To unlock new characters, karts and gliders, players will need to collect so-called Grand Stars, which are distributed according to performance during a race. Another option is Rubies, which are acquired through microtransactions.

Nintendo will also make available the so-called Gold Pass, which costs R $ 19.90 per month and has some benefits for its subscribers, such as seasonal prizes, badges and the 200 cc category.

You must have an active internet connection to play the game. Check out a video with the gameplay of the beta version of Mario Kart Tour below.

How to download

To play Mario Kart Tour, just go to the Google Play app (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS) to download it, type the name of the game in the search field and tap “install” (for Android) or “get” (for iOS) to finish the process.

You also need to have a good amount of free space in your smartphone’s memory to play the game: it has around 200 mb, in addition to asking for an additional download of 250 mb on your first access.

It’s not enough to just download the game to play it: you also need a Nintendo account. If you don’t have one, the game will already give you the option to create it on your first login. Click on here to do it and on here to enter the game’s official website, with a Brazilian Portuguese version.