Marielle: Fiction series criticized for lack of black directors

Marielle: Fiction series criticized for lack of black directors

The documentary about the councilwoman and sociologist Marielle Francoshot to death with the driver Anderson Gomes, in March 2018, is giving something to talk about. the was shown to the confined BBB, which further increased its demand.

Who had Marielle killed?

The six episodes of documentary about Marielle, produced by Caio Cavechini, have already been shown on open TV, and are now on Globoplay, a platform that is being made available for 30 days free of charge to those who are not subscribers.

Fictional series about Marielle is the target of criticism

Another project involving Marielle is also being one of the most talked about subjects at the moment. Globo announced that it will produce, in addition to the documentary, a fictional series on the life and death of the councilwoman.

Those responsible for developing this second project are being severely criticized on the Internet. The reason? The lack of black professionals in the production of the series.

THE fiction series about Marielle Franco is headed by the screenwriter Antonia Pellegrino (,) and the director José Padilha ( and , ).

antonia pellegrino and José Padilha

The fact that two white people were responsible for the project was not well received by several people and groups, who questioned the lack of black professionals in the direction of the series.

Padilha has been criticized by Internet users who accuse him of promoting torture in and for the narrative used in, which also counts on his direction. Part of the public did not like the series that, according to them, defended the Operation Car Wash.

Directors defend themselves from criticism

The director defended himself, claiming to know Marielle Franco and Marcelo Freixo, and “that they always saw him as an ally and never called him ‘fascist’, as people called him on social media.”

Antonia Pellegrino explained the choice of the director, stating her desire for the series to reach “the largest scale possible”. In an interview with, she stated that she would choose a black director if she “had a Spike Lee, an Anva DuVernay” in Brazil.

After being severely criticized for her speech, Pellegrino posted on Instagram that that was an “unfortunate phrase”. On social media, there are many comments criticizing the choice of directors for the series about Marielle and the lack of black professionals in the project.

There is even a disapproval note, signed by more than 300 professionals and intellectuals criticizing the series.

Threads on Twitter criticize the lack of blacks in the series about Marielle

Check out two on Twitter below, with criticisms about the chosen directors. One is by jurist and philosopher Silvio Almeida, author of the book and the other by Marielle’s sister and director of the Marielle Franco Institute, Aniele Franco.

Attention: structural racism is a concept whose application results in responsibility and cannot be used as an excuse to be irresponsible. Follow the thread on racism, Spike Lee and weird comparisons 👇🏿

– Silvio Almeida (@silviolual) March 8, 2020

Both in the case of fiction and doc, we were sought by the teams. The ideas arrived ready and would happen regardless of our endorsement. In the fictional series, from the first moment we demand the need for the role of black professionals and we will continue to insist.

– Anielle Franco (@anielle_franco) March 8, 2020

After all the controversy, Globo announced that it will add screenwriters and black directors to the project, which has yet to be released or expected to be released.

despite the documentary about Marielle Franco and in the future fictional series, the investigation into the death of councilwoman and driver Anderson is not yet complete. Two years later, we still ask ourselves: