Manu Gavassi reveals famous betrayal and web supposes to be Chay Suede

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The singer, and now a participant in the BBB20Manu Gavassi, carried out a “” of an ex-boyfriend, which the internet presumes is Chay Suede, the first and only relationship publicly exposed by the artist since her fame. In conversation with Bianca Andrade, in an attempt to explain to the confining colleague about chauvinism and empathy, the singer revealed several attitudes of the ex-boyfriend.

Manu exposed Chay

“I dated a guy, my first love, he cheated on me, he came and said to me every guy in your life will cheat on you, if I were you I would be cmg that you love… he’s a guy that dps was deeuzada by Brazil and I was how to repress “ # BBB20

– Gio👨🏽‍💻 (@TeamGiovanneBR) February 5, 2020

I dated a person who said ‘he loves me, he will change’ … until one day he turned on me and said: ‘Every guy in your life is going to betray you, so if I were you, I would stay with you, that you love ‘…

But another statement drew even more attention in Manu Gavassi’s speech and was the trigger for the internet to “cancel” Chay Suede:

A guy who was later deified by Brazil and I went to Manu repressed for years (…) like ‘boy is like that, he will cheat in my bed, because he loves me’… I felt it in my skin and I had difficulty relationship later.

From that point on, Chay Suede’s name rose among the most talked about subjects on the web, with the majority of internet users attributed the speech to the actor and expressing disgust at this behavior.

Chay is currently married to Laura Neiva and is the father of a girl. He’s on the air with the 9 pm soap opera, Mother’s love, gives Rede Globo.

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