‘Malorie’: Movie sequence of ‘Bird Box’ is being produced

‘Malorie’: Movie sequence of ‘Bird Box’ is being produced

In an interview with, the author of the book that gave rise to the film (2018), Josh Malermane, confirmed that the film adaptation of his second book, , is being produced. Check the details of the sequence and remember the story of the film starring Sandra Bullock.

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The sequel to Josh Malermane’s book – which was later adapted by Netflix and turned into the most successful film on the platform – is called, and it takes place about 10 years after the events of the first.

The book will be released on July 21 in the United States. In Brazil, the book will be published by Editora Intrinsica. The story begins where the first book ends, when Malorie Hayes (in the film, Sandra Bullock) arrives at the institute for the blind.

starts at school for the blind, which is where the movie ends. So it jumps a few years later, it really takes off 10 years after that.

Malermane revealed.

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Regarding the new film, Malermane does not give many details, probably because he signed a confidentiality agreement. “I can’t say much, but I can say that it is in development,” he said. Everything indicates that Sandra Bullock will return to the cast of the second film.

In (2018), a mysterious creature – who is never seen – causes people who maintain eye contact with her to commit suicide. As a result, survivors are forced to wear blindfolds whenever they leave. Later, a survivor and her two children go out in search of safe shelter.

Released on Netflix in 2018 with Sandra Bullock in the lead role, it was a monstrous success. Nearly 26 million people watched the movie in the first week, according to Netflix.

This success inspired Malerman to write the sequel. According to the author, he already wrote thinking about his film adaptation. “[O livro] it almost looks like stage instructions, ”explained Malermane in the interview with.

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