Making My Movie: Paula Pimenta’s book will be adapted for theaters

Making My Movie: Paula Pimenta

Making My Movie: Paula Pimenta's book will be adapted for theaters
Photo: Disclosure / Paula Pimenta

The writer Paula Pimenta announced, on Wednesday, that her book Making My Film will be adapted in cinema.

Still without much information, the author commented on her social networks about the 11th anniversary of the launch of the first book in the saga and took the opportunity to break the news. On his Instagram, Pimenta says:

Eleven years ago, at a time like this, I was at the release of Making My Movie 1, feeling the happiest person in the world for publishing my first novel! How fast it went and how my life has changed since then … From there to here came three more books in the series, the Fani Diary, the single volume, the comics, the Fani backstage, the FMF Lado B …. and soon, the film. Yes, “Making my film – the film” will be shot next year (wait for more information)! In addition, Fani’s history can be found throughout Latin America, Portugal and Spain! There is no lack of reasons for us to celebrate, right? Thanks to you who have been with me for 11 years and also to everyone who came along the way! This party is ours!

To highlight the information, he also released the image below on his official Facebook page:

Making My Movie: Paula Pimenta's book will be adapted for theaters
Photo: Disclosure / Paula Pimenta

Fazer Meu Filme is a literary series concluded in four books, originally released between 2008 and 2011 by Editora Gutenberg. The plot follows the story of Fani, a girl in love with films who will change her life with the opportunity to exchange and live in another country.

This is not the first book by Paula Pimenta to be adapted for theaters: in February 2019 there was the premiere of Cinderella Pop, with Maisa Silva, and it was announced in September that Princesa Adormecida, her Brazilian and contemporary version of A Bela Adormecida, will also win a film with Giovanna Chaves in the main role.

The cast or premiere for Making My Movie has yet to be revealed.

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