Mad Max may not have new films

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Mad Max: Fury Road surpassed studio expectations by becoming the highest grossing film in the franchise and winning six Oscars, plus three more nominations in other categories. However, it is likely that we will no longer have Mad Max films.

That’s because Miller and Warner Bros are in a legal battle: in November of last year, it was reported that George Miller’s producer, Kennedy Miller Mitchell, was suing Warner Bros. for unpaid earnings. If the final net cost of Fury Road were less than $ 157 million, the producer would have received a $ 7 million bonus.

Kennedy Keller Mitchell claims that although Warner Bros. calculated that the film was over budget, there were complications during filming due to delays and bad weather that could not be passed on as the company’s responsibility. The latest update is that Sydney Morning Herald claims that Kennedy Keller Mitchell claimed in a document submitted to the New South Wales Supreme Court that Warner Bros. acted in an “arrogant, insulting or reprehensible” manner.

Therefore, Miller’s producer will no longer work with the studio to produce new Mad Max sequences, although he has already revealed that he has enough material for two more Mad Max scripts. Even if they revolve, it is still difficult for these new scripts come to be developed, as both parties say it was difficult to work on this film: imagine two others. Much less is it expected that Warner will pass on the franchise rights.

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