Luke Cage is canceled and will not have a third season

Luke Cage is canceled and will not have a third season

Following the cancellation of Iron First, Netflix took less than a week to announce that another series of its partnership with Marvel will cease to exist: Luke Cage. Who gives the news is Marvel:

“Unfortunately, Luke Cage will not be returning for a third season. Everyone on Marvel Television and Netflix is ​​grateful to the dedicated producers, writers, cast and crew who have brought the Harlem Hero to life over the past two seasons, and to all the fans who supported the series.”

With the second season launched in June this year, the date of the announcement of its end, October 19, coincided with the launch of the third season of Daredevil, the most successful series in the universe. It is not yet known about her future or that of Jessica Jones, but fans are already preparing for the worst.

Among the conspiracy theories, there is the rumor that this is a move by Disney to disassociate the name of Denfesores from that of Netflix to, in the future, continue the series on its own streaming service. It is strengthened in the comment of Mike Colter (star of the series), of the beginning of October, in which he said that the third season was being written and that it would approach a more fair side of his character.

The existing seasons of both Luke Cage and Iron Fists continue on Netflix until further notice.

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