Lucifer’s 5th season on Netflix may not be the last

Lucifer’s 5th season on Netflix may not be the last

The fifth season of may not be the last, after all, since the Netflix considers continuing the series even after announcing that it would only have 5 seasons, according to the American website Screenrant.

The series tells the story of the Devil himself (Tom Ellis), who settled in Los Angeles. There, he runs a nightclub and helps Los Angeles police solve crimes. already has a history of renewals and cancellations. The series originally aired on Fox before being canceled after the third season. Thanks to fan support, Netflix saved the show and launched a 10-episode season on May 4th.

The series gained popularity after its move to Netflix. However, a month after the fourth season, Netflix renewed for the fifth and final season. Over the summer, Netflix revealed that the final season would be giant compared to season 4, consisting of 16 episodes in total. These episodes have no release date yet.

And if you thought that would be the joy of the fans, forget it. With the announcement of another season, there were more protests from fans, this time for a 6th season.

And it looks like it worked. According to TVLine, Netflix is ​​currently talking to Warner Bros. to continue after the fifth season.

Netflix previously announced that actor Dennis Haysbert will play God in Season 5. Season 5 will also have a musical episode, although circumstances are being kept under wraps.

Lucifer's 5th season on Netflix may not be the last