Lucifer: Netflix reveals why he saved the series

Lucifer: Netflix reveals why he saved the series

It’s nothing new: the Lucifer series was saved by Netflix shortly after it was canceled by Fox, which claimed the program’s low audience, despite its great success in Brazil.

Recently, Cindy Holland, vice president of original content for Netflix, revealed why her streaming service chose to give the series a second chance in a new original season. She states:

“Lucifer is a fantastic show that really resonated with audiences in parts of the world where we licensed it, so we think it’s important to help this series continue for these fans.”

Therefore, it is possible to say that Lucifer’s rescue was made especially for international fans, including Brazilians.

In Brazil, the series took on large proportions after reaching Netflix, becoming one of the biggest fevers of the moment among subscribers.

One of the proofs of this success is the national fanbase of the series on Facebook, Lucifer Brasil, which has 670 thousand followers, while Lucifer’s official page has 1 million four hundred thousand. About 47% of Lucifer’s Facebook fans are Brazilian!

It was also the international fans who joined forces to upload the hashtagh #SaveLucifer on social networks, which had a gigantic reach. Although Netflix listened to fans ‘requests, FOX denies that the campaign made its producers rethink the series’ cancellation.

When asked directly about the online campaign, Dana Walden, the station’s executive, during TCA18, says in a nutshell: “No, we don’t rethink.” Regarding the cancellation decision, she comments: “We looked at the size of the audience, which was starting to get very narrow”.

There is still no forecast, however, of when the new season of the series will be made available by Netflix. For now, read more about Lucifer on our website to learn all about the adventures of the fallen angel Lucifer Morningstar.