Luciano Amaral is the new ambassador of the Marvel franchise in Brazil

Luciano Amaral is the new ambassador of the Marvel franchise in Brazil

The fan’s will is always sovereign! And precisely to honor this maxim, and also its commitment to the public, the Marvel just announced the actor, presenter and gamer Luciano Amaral as the brand’s new ambassador in the country.

In love with the Marvel universe, Luciano will be responsible for acting as a kind of spokesperson for the franchise on behalf of the fans. Throughout the year he will work alongside the national team and, thus, help to reinforce the concepts of the franchise’s presence in the Brazilian territory. The idea is not only to expand the presence of the Marvel universe in the daily lives of fans and people who have their first contact with the brand, but also to facilitate access and identification with the characters. With this, Luciano will also have as one of his functions to produce content for Marvel Brasil’s social networks, in addition to his personal networks. His focus on this front will be Games, Lifestyle and Technology.

Luciano was chosen because Marvel has been part of his life for a long time. Considered one of the most respected names in the gaming universe in Brazil, he has a great connection with the universe of stories and characters in the franchise. Today he joins the team at the same time that the Marvel franchise consolidates its presence in Brazil in the area of ​​games. Great titles are already announced for the coming months, as well as the launch of the Marvel Gamerverse, a brand that identifies all official products inspired by the titles of Marvel Games. It was Luciano himself who introduced the brand to the Brazilian public at BGS19.

Luciano is also known to the general public for his role, even in his childhood, in programs that have become phenomena on TV and are extolled by the public until today. He has also gained attention in recent years for his performance working in the geek world. Currently, at 40, the new Marvel ambassador in the country is also a sports presenter SportsCenter and MatchMaking, both on ESPN Brasil.