Luan Santana’s live raises R $ 147 thousand to fight Covid-19

live luan santana

For another weekend, several artists entered the homes of the quarantined population to bring entertainment and promote solidarity. On Sunday night (26), it was the turn of the singer Luan Santana perform his live on behalf of two institutions in the fight against the coronavirus.

In about 6 hours of transmission, the singer raised R $ 147 thousand for the Central Única das Favelas (CUFA) and for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

live luan santana

Luan Santana’s live raises donations to combat Covid-19 and animates quarantine

The show called # História, presented from the garden of his residence in São Paulo, reviewed the singer’s career in more than 50 songs, including “Água com Açúcar”, “Write there”, “Sinais”, “Meteoro” and “Você You don’t know what love is ”. There were remote participations by artists such as Sandy, Padre Fábio de Melo and Maísa.

With the presentation, Luan Santana entered the global trend topics of Twitter and, in this social network, 20 of the 30 most commented subjects in Brazil were related to live.

On Saturday (25), two icons of axé music also raised funds through the PicPay distance payment application. The solidarity live of Bell Marques, lead singer of Chiclete com Banana, obtained R $ 278 thousand for the Hospital Aristides Maltez, in Salvador.

Ivete Sangalo obtained R $ 401 thousand with the first edition of TV Globo’s “Em Casa” program. Donations went to ten initiatives, chosen by the public: Citizenship Action, Friends of Good, Baobá, CUFA, Emergency Health Fund, Gastromotiva, Pracatum, Redes da Maré, União Rio and UNICEF.

In total, collections by the PicPay Donation Center totaled R $ 826 thousand just this weekend. And the lives sponsored by the app don’t end there. Still ahead are Leonardo and Eduardo Costa’s shows in “Cabaré” (5/1), Jorge and Mateus (5/2) and Wanessa Camargo (5/3).