Looking For Alaska, series based on the book by John Green, gets its first trailer!

Looking For Alaska, series based on the book by John Green, gets its first trailer!

THE Hulu released the first trailer for Looking For Alaska, series based on the book of John Green, which arrives on the platform in October.

The actress Kristine Froseth (from the Netflix movie, Sierra Burgess is a Loser) and Charlie Plummer (The Wild Route) interpreted the characters Alaska Young and Miles Halter, respectively.


The series Looking For Alaska will have 8 episodes with executive production of Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage and arrives on the American streaming service in October.

The cast also includes Denny Love, Jay Lee, Landry Bender, Sofia Vassilieva, Uriah Shelton, Jordan Connor, Timothy Simons and Ron Cephas Jones.

Check out the synopsis:

Miles Halter took a dull little life and a lot of emotions (or friendships) in Florida. He had a peculiar taste: memorizing the last words of great personalities in history. One of these personalities, François Rabelais, a 15th century poet, said on his deathbed that he was going “in search of a Great Maybe”. In order not to have to wait for death to find his Great Maybe, Miles decides to pack up and leave. He goes to Culver Creek School, a boarding school in sunny Alabama.

There, he meets Alaska Young. She has in her favorite book, The General in Her Maze, by Gabriel García Márquez, the question to which she constantly seeks an answer: “How am I going to get out of this maze?” Smart, funny, crazy and incredibly sexy, Alaska will drag Miles into his maze and catapult him without mercy into the Great Maybe. Miles falls in love with Alaska, even without understanding it, even trying unsuccessfully to decipher the riddle of his emerald green eyes.

Looking For Alaska has no premiere date in Brazil.