Longa Alaska brings Chapada dos Veadeiros to Cinemark screens

Longa Alaska brings Chapada dos Veadeiros to Cinemark screens

The national Alaska, in Pedro Novaes, arrives at the Cinemark this Thursday, March 21st. The film is part of the 2019 season of Projects at 7 – unprecedented window of the Network that encourages national cinema.

In the film, a couple reunites years after their separation and decides to embark on a trip to Chapada dos Veadeiros, in Goiás. In the same scenario where they fell in love, the two face the realities of their relationship and the breakup, with the influences of time and the difficulties of love.

The actress Bella Carrijo and the actor Rafael Sieg bring the main characters to life, and the scene also gets a special highlight. According to the director, Chapada is totally linked to the film’s narrative, as a third element in the couple’s relationship.

With distribution of Elo Company, the works of Projects at 7 can be seen in 20 rooms of the Chain of 19 cities: São Paulo (Eldorado and Santa Cruz Malls), Rio de Janeiro (Downtown), Aracaju (Shopping Jardins), Belo Horizonte (Pátio Savassi), Brasília (Pier 21), Campinas ( Iguatemi), Campo Grande (Shopping Campo Grande), Cuiabá (Shopping Goiabeiras), Curitiba (Shopping Muller), Goiânia (Shopping Flamboyant), Londrina (Boulevard Londrina), Natal (Midway Mall), Porto Alegre (Barra Sul), Recife ( Riomar), Ribeirão Preto (Novo Shopping), Salvador (Salvador Shopping), Santos (Praiamar), São José dos Campos (Colinas) and Vitória (Shopping Vitória).