Logan’s 12 best easter eggs

Logan’s 12 best easter eggs

Logan is arguably the best X-Men movie of all time – thanks to the soft inspiration from the popular Old Logan.

This story was full of references from the Marvel Universe, and since Fox has no rights to most of these characters, it may seem safe to assume that Logan wouldn’t have many easter eggs – but nothing could be further from the truth. Here’s a makeover on some Logan easter eggs.

By the way: spoiler alert.

X-Men # 132

x-men 132

One of Logan’s key points comes from the old X-Men comic books that Laura carries with her, one of which supposedly contains the coordinates for the mutants’ secret paradise. One of these editions is # 132. While the comic they show is a model made for the film, the decision to use # 132 as the issue number was not at all random. In our real world, X-Men # 132 marks the first appearance of cyborg Donald Pierce – one of the main thugs in the film, who fought against Wolverine that same edition. What would a comic book film be without metalinguistics?

James Howlett

james howlett wolverine

Logan adopted the name James Howlett in the film. We can see him both on his driver’s license and when he identifies himself to the friendly family that shelters him, his supposed father and his not-so-supposed daughter. It turns out that James Howlett is the real name of Wolverine, with Logan being the name of Saber Teeth. When Wolverine ran away as a child, he had to invent a different name to outwit any stalker, and the first one that came to mind was Logan. However, the Wolverine of the films never seems to have known his real name. Did he find out at any point between the films or was this easter egg just a “fan service”?

Albert / X-24

albert wolverine

The evil clone of Wolverine X-24 is not in the comics, but he is based on a real character with the slightly less scary name: Albert. He was a robotic version of Wolverine built by Donald Pierce as part of a strange plan to kill our hero using an android bomb disguised as a girl. It didn’t work, but at least Albert had a much more impactful participation in the film.

Rictor, Rebecca, Charlotte, Bobby, Delilah

rictor rebecca charlotte bobby delilah x-men

Just as Laura was created using Wolverine’s DNA, her friends were also created using the DNA of other X-Men and comic book mutants. One of the children, for example, has the freezing power of the Iceman, while another has the firepower of the Pyro. Joey, however, demonstrates telekinetic powers in the final battle, suggesting that it could be a version of Jean Gray’s niece from comics, Joey Bailey. Logan also finds in the files a reference to Christopher Bradley, who appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine as part of Team X. He was the mutant who could control electricity, as was the boy who electrifies the jeep at the end. And finally, the children’s leader, Rictor, is a member of New Mutants and X-Force in the comics.

Alkali Transigen

alkali transigen

The evil corporation that creates the mutant slaves, Alkali Transigen, got its awkward name from the comics: the secret base where Wolverine was presented with adamantium attached to his bones by William Stryker was actually located on Lake Alkali. And, different from what many thought, Essex Corpo. it had nothing to do with this film.

The Butchers

marvel reavers

Alkali Transigen is not only making mutant slaves, they are also busy increasing their private army of human soldiers with arms, legs and other cybernetic limbs. At one point in the film, this band of cyborg mercenaries is called Butchers, which is appropriate because, in the comics, Butchers are an army of cyborgs funded and commanded by – you guessed it – Donald Pierce.


Wolverine immortal

Considering how eagerly Logan seems to want to forget everything about his life, he carries a lot of memories from the past. Not only is it the adamantium bullet, he also has a samurai sword on his hut wall as a nod to his times in Japan. And he apparently found his mutant collar at some point – you know, that Logan writing – because she was missing in the previous three films, and he even threw his identification away in disgust before – twice, in fact. It wouldn’t be a Wolverine movie without him staring at his collar.

Greenwood Cemetery

greenwood cemetery

At the beginning of the film, Logan is working as a driver – Uber? He ends up bringing some people to a cemetery, where he has his first meeting with Laura. But that’s not just any burial ground: Greenwood Cemetery has appeared in Marvel comics for years, in titles ranging from the Fantastic Four to the New Warriors.

Patrick Stewart childhood memories

patrick stewart

During a scene in which Professor X and Laura watch the 1953 classic Brutes Also Love, Xavier says he saw the film at Cinema Essoldo when he was just a little boy. This may have been a true story, because Essoldo was a movie franchise that operated in northern England during the 1940s and 1950s, when Patrick Stewart was growing up.

The Wolverine doll

wolverine comics

With Wolverine dead in his grave, look closely at the mutant children around him in mourning. The boy Bobby, the only one with the electric mutation, is holding a vintage Wolverine doll – complete with the yellow sideburns that many have wanted to see in films for decades. That’s not exactly the reward, but it’s a nice nod to the fans. We know there are X-Men comics and toys in this world, so does that mean that Wolverine really sported the yellow look at some point in a time not shown in the movies? Probably not, as the alternate ending for Wolverine: Immortal is reportedly non-canonical.

Schindler’s List

schindler list

The film’s marketing campaign made it clear that this is not a typical comic book movie. Does Logan’s main poster – that calloused hand holding a little girl’s seemingly fragile hand – look a little familiar? That’s because it is a direct homage to the poster for Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List, with an adult holding a child’s hand. In case you don’t know what it is, this is a very dark and very serious film.

It looks like The Last of Us

last of us

Remember the scenes of Laura and Wolverine in the car together? They definitely evoke the sensation of the game The Last of Us – specifically this scene above -, while sharing some very similar themes. A lonely bearded guy who lost everything and struggles to survive traveling with a girl he’s trying to protect in a post-apocalyptic world? Yes, there are definitely some parallels here.

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