Literature and Cinema: 44 years of ‘Interview with the Vampire’

Literature and Cinema: 44 years of ‘Interview with the Vampire’

Published in 1976, on April 12 in the United States, and May 5 in Brazil, translated by Clarice Lispector, the romance completed forty four years, and has just won a new hardcover version by publisher Rocco.

This was the first work of the writer Anne Rice, starting the set, among the fantasy tales she writes until today, already having more than forty books.

romance interview with the vampire

The plot goes to the events of Louis De Pointe Du Lac, a young-looking man, who decided to tell his story to reporter Daniel Malloy, declaring himself to be a vampire. In the conversation, Louis reports that he was transformed by another, named Lestat De Lioncourt, and that they lived together with Claudia, a child who had also become a vampire.

They had each other and did not need money, but Cláudia and Lestat were their antagonists who did not share the same suffering, as they believed to be a wretched creature that survives while taking the lives of others, and wanted to know more about that nature.

It is worth mentioning that Anne Rice wrote after her daughter’s death, expressing her own feelings in the characters, above all, Claudia and Louis. And, in addition to generating a whole sequence with other characters and their own stories, seen by Lestat and Armand (which appears at the end of the story), Claudia’s point of view generated one of Louis’ reports, titled, one designed and adapted by Ashley Marie Witter, published in 2012, by publisher Rocco as well.

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In 1994, it became a film. Directed by Neil Jordan, and screenplay adapted by Anne Rice herself, its main cast was formed by: Antonio Banderas, playing the vampire Armand; Brad Pitt, starring Louis; Christian Slater, as reporter Daniel Malloy; Kirsten Dunst, the young Cláudia; and Tom Cruise, playing Lestat.

It is worth mentioning that the entire team had their work approved at festivals, winning important awards, with special emphasis on Kirsten Dunst, still a child, and for the Art Direction inspired by the artistic movement focused on the symbolic beauty of still life.

movie interview with the vampire

In 2002 another film production was launched, directed by Michael Rymer, inspired by the book of the same name as Anne Rice.

Unlike, the writer did not participate in the production of this as well as the entire reformulated cast, and in general the film is very different from its predecessor: Lestat (played by Stuart Towsend) awakens from his exile to sing in a rock band and reveal to humans that he is a vampire. In this, Akasha (played by Aaliyah), the strongest primordial vampire and mother of all, also awakens, wishing the vampires to violently refute humans as Lestat had exposed them, and it was up to him to join her or contest.

Its soundtrack deserves to be highlighted, as well as the costumes portraying the Gothic fashion of that time. However, the performance of did not reach the same expectations and credibilities as, perhaps because it presents itself in a more ordinary image.

movie The Queen of the Damned

it has easy-to-understand writing, capable of bringing the reader closer to the creature, evoking the imagery with lightness and seduction in the face of reports of its horrors and pleasures.

Currently, the issues raised that consecrated him are much discussed, such as: romantic and Gothic writing for male and female figures; the character of the girl Cláudia being raised by two parents; the historical transition from modern and postmodern texts; and the double of beautiful and wicked beings in discursive appropriation for the character of Louis, present in the morals of modern characters, seen Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – by Robert Louis Stevenson, Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus – by Mary Shelley, The Portrait by Dorian Gray – by Oscar Wide, and William Wilson by Edgar Allan.