Liniker and the Caramelows make an intimate dive in Goela Below, second album of their career

Liniker and the Caramelows make an intimate dive in Goela Below, second album of their career

After Goes back (2016), album that brings orders made by time, destined to hearts and lost tears, the band Liniker and the Caramelows releases the second album of his career. Entitled Down Throats (2019), the work was conceived on the road – between 2016 and 2018, the group visited more than 20 countries. Even so, the look is turned to the intimate in a moment of maturity. “It’s a sound to breathe, to dance spaced and to feel where each track leads“, Says the singer and songwriter Liniker Barros. Down Throats is already available in the main music applications:

Produced by the bassist Rafael Barone, the new album had its first singles revealed in 2018. “Lava”(Co-production by Barone and Mauricio Fleury) was recorded on the Canoe Studio, in São Paulo, and brought an organicity that opposes the previous work, with a strong influence of the music of Northeast Africa and also of Central America, but without taking one foot off Brazil. Registered in Philophon Studioin Berlin, “Calm”Arrived with a video clip about the love of two women who experienced the delight of delivery and walked together in many places.

The German capital also served as the basis for the song “Beau“. With textures influenced by sounds from the 1960s, it had an Ethiopian organ from the same decade, in addition to the participation of Ghanaian singers Florence Adooni and Lizzy Amaliyenga (the vocal record of the pair appears when the sound goes through Latin paths).

Down Throats it is also a resumption of the times of Crude (2015) – with a “homemade” process, the three-track EP was made in the guitarist’s room William Zaharanszki, in Araraquara. This time, the Caramelows drummer’s house, Pericles Zuanon, which served as a studio. There, they registered: “From yesterday“,“Mouth” and “Throat“. The latter brings a powerful chorus composed of the singers Josyara, Juliana Strassacapa, Ayiosha Avellar, Natalie Nery, Grasielli Gontijo, Tássia Reis, Mel Gonçalves and Lina Pereira, Besides Renata Éssis (member of the band).

Down Throats is an act of ancestral courage united with the urge to speak and put out the flavors“Observes Liniker, who also opened the doors of his own home, in São Paulo, to record two songs of the work. They were: “Intimacy” and “Clarities“. With a velvety sound, the first brings a duo of the singer with Fernando TRZ (at the piano), while “Clarities“, An unprecedented composition of Giovani Cidreira, seeks a denser sound. “The idea was to create a very intimate atmosphere“Says Barone. “We used the wall piano in the hall and Liniker sang from the middle of the entrance stairs“, reveals.

Another name that appears on the album’s technical sheet is that of the singer, songwriter and producer in Rio Mahmundi. She partnered with Liniker in “Well good”And also shared the track’s production with Barone. “Yellow Passion“, In turn, was registered in Lisbon, in Star Studio, in Mallu Magalhães and Marcelo Camelo.

In addition to the introduction “Brechoque”And the text“Text“,“Drop”(Co-production by Barone with Caê Rolfsen, also co-author of the song) completes the list of 13 tracks that make up Down Throats, a record that comes from the urgency to say what needs to be said. “It is about dividing the parts of the future and taking mature and safe flights. It’s about the body in motion, it’s about screaming and breathing together“, Defines Liniker.

The backstage work on the album was also stitched by professionals who accompany the band on the road. The songs recorded in Araraquara and Liniker’s house, for example, had audio engineering taken care of by Dré Guines, PA technician of the group, while the work was mixed by Rafaela Prestes, set monitor technique. The cover of Down Throats it’s from the artist Domitila de Paulo, made especially for the work.

Liniker and the Caramelows are: Liniker Barros (voice), Rafael Barone (low), Pericles Zuanon (drums), William Zaharanszki (guitar), Renata Éssis (backing vocal), Marja Lenski (percussion), Fernando TRZ (keyboards) and Éder Araújo (saxophone).