Lego launches line of superheroines and bet on “girl power” concept

Lego launches line of superheroines and bet on “girl power” concept

The concept of “Girl Power”, or empowerment of girls, has just gained more strength with the arrival of the Lego Super Heroes Girls line. The three products feature the heroines Batgirl and Wonder Woman, in addition to Harley Quinn, enabling girls to take on the roles they desire.

According to Vivian Marques, Head of Marketing at Lego do Brasil, girls, as much as boys, like to combine action and build their own world, where they are responsible for saving the day.

“Together, they feel stronger and more capable. The brand’s intention is to demonstrate that there is no gender distinction in the act of playing, which is so important in the development of children ”, he says.

“However, we know that each of them has their own and individual interests in their constructions and idealizations. For this reason, the company, recognizing these diversities, is constantly creating novelties that suit both audiences ”, he adds.

The central theme of the line is to highlight the issue of friendship and team spirit, which develop the courage and self-confidence necessary to face problems. The line reflects the strength of the characters for the girls, who end up recognizing themselves in them and replicating their actions on a daily basis.

The novelty can be found in the main toy stores and in the ten Lego Stores around Brazil.

Code 41230 – Batgirl Pursuit in Batgirl



Age: 7 to 12 years
Price: $ 199.99
Parts: 206

Code 41231 – Harley Quinn on a rescue mission

02lego harley-quinn


Age: 7 to 12 years
Price: 229.99
Parts: 217

Code 41235 – The Wonder Woman Room

03lego wonder woman

Age: 7 to 12 years
Price: $ 149.99
Parts: 186

Source: Lego Ascom