Learn more about Carnage, the antagonist of the new Venom film

Learn more about Carnage, the antagonist of the new Venom film

, the solo film by the famous Marvel character, was a hit with the general public and the fifth highest grossing of 2018 ($ 852.69 million, in front of 2 e), despite negative reviews, only 29% of approval at .

The now anti-hero Venom, played by Tom Hardy, did not miss Spider-Man to tell his origin story. So, if a symbiote worked, why not call your even more dangerous counterpart to act in.

The bet for the post of antagonist of the sequence, which will hit theaters in June 2021, has its name in the subtitle of the film: Carnage, in Portuguese Carnage. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the one released by on April 21st.

Carnage made his debut in the arachnid universe at number 361 of the comic book series in April 1992, six years after Venom’s first appearance. Carnage’s first and most famous host is Cletus Kasady, who appeared on the post-credits scene of the first film being played by Woody Harrelson. Which was already a big clue about the villain of the next film.

first appearance of carnage

In the comics, the psychopath Cletus Kasady had a typical childhood of a serial killer: he grew up in a dysfunctional home and with the absence of a positive figure. Cletus’ father killed his mother while she tried to do the same to the child. At court, however, Cletus accused his father of killing his mother for no reason, which sentenced him to the electric chair.

The future host of Carnificina fulfilled at least two of the three behaviors of the “homicidal triad” of future homicides, usually credited to forensic psychoanalyst John Macdonald. The triad is composed of: cruelty to animals, propensity to cause fires and nocturnal enuresis (the famous pee in bed after the expected age).

Cletus used to torture his mother’s dog and also, already in the orphanage, set fire to his school. In addition to these terrifying facts, he pushed a girl in front of a bus and killed his own grandmother who was frequently abusing him.

It is worth mentioning that some more recent studies in the area point to these three behaviors as more concrete indications of severe child abuse, which can be seen in an article in the magazine. Therefore, being guided by them can lead to a false positive that can be harmful to the child. In Kasady’s case, however, it fits perfectly as indicative for both: severe child abuse and escalating the destructive behavior of one.

As time passed, the inevitable happened and Cletus was sent to the chair. The biggest problem is that his cellmate was none other than Eddie Brock, Venom’s original host. During the escape from the penitentiary, the symbiote ends up giving birth to his son, who soon comes into contact with the psychopath.

From then on, the damage is done, with Carnage / Kasady free to continue their murders in New York. And, unlike his “father”, Carnage has no intention of going after a specific person, anyone can be his next victim. Due to all this danger, even greater with deadly tools manufactured by the symbiote’s body, the webhead is forced to turn to his old enemy, Venom, to help him face the new threat on the loose.

An interesting curiosity is that Carnage / Cletus refers to you as “I”, not as “We”, which happens to Eddie Brock / Venom. Another is that the symbiote was hosted by other famous characters such as Doctor Octopus, the Silver Surfer and Ben Reilly, a clone of the scholar (after all, if fashion was intergalactic threats before, there is nothing more in the 90s than cloning, it is not ?), among others.

So, excited for? Could it be that in the cinema, the friend from the neighborhood is the one who will give a hand in capturing this who is one of the main villains of the “spider”?