Learn all about drive-in cinema at the Latin America Memorial

Learn all about drive-in cinema at the Latin America Memorial

I miss going to the movies, right? Thinking about it, on June 17, it was inaugurated in Latin America Memorial, in São Paulo, the Fine Arts Drive-in, a space for showing films on a big screen for viewers to watch inside their cars. This old model of cinema returned as a new leisure alternative for paulistas during the pandemic, respecting all the security measures necessary for social isolation to be maintained.

Here, in São Paulo, we will have the inauguration of the first drive-in cinema for people to watch movies safely and correctly, as required by the protocols.

Said João Doria, governor of the state of São Paulo.

Drive-in cinema in SP

The site has the capacity to receive 100 cars and, under the guidance of the health area and the Coronavirus Contingency Center, follows the health protocols with rules of social distance, hygiene, cleaning of environments, communication and monitoring. Cars and people must keep 1.5 meters of distance in all environments and the maximum number allowed in cars is four spectators, they must wear the mask as long as they stay in the car. drive-in

In addition to these security measures, people have access to the audio of the films via the car radio that is tuned via FM and the vehicles are organized in rows according to their sizes, so that everyone can have a good view of the screen. The bathrooms have alcohol gel and are cleaned after each use, everything is very organized so there are no crowds.

The sessions take place from Tuesday to Sunday and have a program of classic films that have marked generations, for all ages, tastes and genders. According to Petra Belas Artes, their objective is “to show quality films to a plural audience that loves cinema and, at that moment, misses the cultural events of the city of São Paulo”. Tickets cost R $ 65 for cars with up to four people and it is possible to purchase them through the Sympla website, in addition, food and drinks must also be purchased via the Internet.

Latin America Memorial drive-in

Films at Belas Artes Drive-in

Among some unpublished productions that will be shown, we can mention, by Claude Lelouch, by Sameh Zoabi, by Francis Ford Coppola, and the Brazilian, directed by Caco Ciocler. Viewers can also watch director Stanley Kubrick’s classics, such as,,,, and.

For lovers of terror, we have,, and the unforgettable. Children are also not left out, a special program for them takes place every Saturday, where they are shown,, and.

If you don’t own a car, but want to have a special night at Belas Artes Drive-In, a partnership was made between the cinema and a car rental company called Turbi. To rent a vehicle is super easy, you just need to install the application, register and find the car closest to you.

THE drive-in cinema returned as a new form of entertainment that is super fun, safe and affordable in times of social isolation. If you, like me, have always seen this type of cinema in films and wanted to go to one, run now to guarantee your ticket and enjoy this old-fashioned leisure.