Lady Gaga won the Oscar for Best Original Song

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Singer Lady Gaga won the award for Best Original Song at the 2019 Oscars, whose ceremony was held yesterday (24) in Los Angeles with Shallow, a song sung in partnership with Bradley Cooper, both leading actors of the film Nas uma uma Estrela.

Listen to the winning song below:


In his speech, Gaga thanks Cooper for the opportunity:

“For my sister, my soulmate, I love you; my family is here, I love you, mom and dad; Bradley, there is not a single person on the planet who could have sung this song with me besides you. What if you you’re at home, sitting on your couch and watching this now, all I have to say is that this has been hard work, I’ve been working on it for a long time, and you know, it’s not about winning, but it’s about not giving up; if you have a dream, fight for it. It’s not about how many times you’re rejected or you fall or you’re beaten up, it’s about how many times you get up, you’re brave and you keep going. ”, he speaks.

In the film, Ally (Lady Gaga) is a dreamy woman who wants to achieve stardom. On his way appears the musician Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper), who helps him in this difficult path. The two fall in love and she emerges in her career, affecting the couple’s relationship.

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