Lady Gaga teaches us to dance with sadness on new album

Lady Gaga teaches us to dance with sadness on new album

On May 28, Lady Gaga released his sixth album,. Initially, it would be launched in April, but with the coronavirus crisis, the artist decided to postpone it.

With the extra time of planning, Lady Gaga took the opportunity to release yet another single,. Like, the music made in partnership with the singer Ariana Grande, has a powerful disco beat, which brings a certain nostalgia for the 80s (or just for the times when you could go out dancing all night, before Covid- 19). In the letter, a message:

I’d rather be dry but at least I’m alive (I’d rather be dry, but at least I’m alive, in Portuguese).

With powerful vocals, the two artists expel their demons with music. At the time of production, Gaga claims to have cried when she saw Ariana out of empathy for everything she has ever suffered (like the Manchester terrorist attack, which occurred during one of her shows on May 22, 2017) and asked her to release all that pain and just dance. Together, they created the hit that most likely will top the Billboard Hot 100 next week.

The rest of you have the same energy.


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Being a concept album, it starts with an instrumental track (the CD has 3 of these, called, and). From then on, Gaga only presents sad and honest lyrics and melodies, which sound like a cry of freedom next to the beats.

As a first example, we have, in which Gaga sings about how she feels trapped and screams for help, saying goodbye to anyone who makes her sick. Despite being a heavy melody, about the weight of fame and profiteering people, it is impossible not to have fun with it (even if the singer claims not to have fun today in the lyrics).

In the eighth track, the artist dances to the sabotaging voices in her own head that say she is not good enough. The music has a sound that recalls a manic mental state, that is, euphoria after a depressive crisis.

All the songs from Lady Gaga’s sixth project have disco beats and don’t lose energy in a single moment. Still, it has one of the most melancholy lyrics of all her works.

In this way, the artist makes us want to dance in the rain, jumping in puddles, taking advantage of the bad weather – as is said in. With her sixth album, Lady Gaga shows the healing power of her own sadness and art and challenges us to do the same.