‘La Casa de Papel’: Theories about Part 4, which opens tomorrow

‘La Casa de Papel’: Theories about Part 4, which opens tomorrow

There are only a few hours to go until the release of Part 4 of the acclaimed series, . With the relief of the titles of the 8 new episodes, the web quickly created several theories. Check out the main ones below.

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Theories about Part 4 of

Is Berlin alive?

berlin la casa de papel

Everyone saw that Berlin was shot by machine gun fire in episode 9 of Part 2 of. Considered dead since then, the character of Pedro Alonso appeared a few times in Part 3.

Berlin’s appearance on the official Part 4 poster has already led many to doubt his death. In addition, the title of episode 2, created expectations in fans who dream that the assailant is alive.

If Berlin is alive, how did he survive the gunshots? Only Part 4 could explain this feat to us. After all, when everything seems lost, the Professor always surprises everyone.

Were Berlin and Palermo lovers?

In Part 3 of, we learn a little more about the relationship between Berlin and Palermo (Rodrigo de la Serna), before the assault plan. Many believe that the two were more than friends.

In an interview with, the actors who give life to Berlin and Palermo made a mystery about the relationship, but stated that something between the two “will happen in Part 4”.

Some things are going to happen between him and me … that are going to shake him.

Pedro Alonso, Berlin, revealed.

Nairobi dies or not?

Nairobi died or survived

The end of the last episode of Part 3 shocked viewers, especially after the shot that Alba Flores, a Nairobi, took when he approached the window, at the request of the inspector Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri).

The revelation of the title of episode 3,, was enough for internet users to create a relationship with the health status of Nairobi. For them, the episode is an operation that the assailants will carry out in Nairobi, to remove the bullet and, then, it survives.

What is the ?

Episode 8 of Part 4 is called. It is probably the plan responsible for saving the assailants from all the confusion that arose in Part 3.

But why the name? Fans of the series have created several theories about it. Some of them make a lot of sense. Check out some theories about what would be:

The most famous theory indicates that he is Berlin’s ex-girlfriend, Tatiana, whom he probably married, and who knew the plan for the assault on the Central Bank very well.

Tatiana would be the key to saving the team and, therefore, is infiltrated as a hostage in the Bank. In the official photo from Part 4 of the series, you can see a hostage with her face covered. Many believe that this is Tatiana.


– nadini 📖 (@dreamontaz) April 1, 2020

Still talking about Tatiana, the similarity between her and inspector Alicia Sierra, made some think that it is the same person, although they are interpreted by different actresses. Diana Gómez is Tatiana and Najwa Nimri brings the role of inspector Sierra to life.

A second theory indicates that it is a strategy to rescue Rachel Murillo (Itziar Ituño). Those who yearn for the renovation of, believe that the plan is the beginning of a new assault.

There are still the good-natured who made a connection between the with a new appearance of Neymar, who is a player of Paris Saint-Germain and participated in the sixth and eighth episodes of the third season of the series.

The new episodes of Part 4 of arrive at Netflix April 3rd.