‘La Casa de Papel’: Films about robberies for those who like the series

‘La Casa de Papel’: Films about robberies for those who like the series

The Spanish series tells the story of a group of burglars, with city names, who carry out grand thefts. The gang is led by the smart Teacher who, in addition to coordinating the thefts, is also responsible for talking to the police.

The first season debuted in 2017 and made thousands of fans around the world. And recently, the series has been renewed for a new season.

Films with the same theme also dominate cinema screens. Therefore, in view of the success of, we selected some burglary movies for those who liked the series.

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Films about robberies for those who like


Spike Lee’s suspense tells the story of a very well-planned assault and has similarities to the Spanish series.

Four burglars dressed in painter’s uniforms invade a bank in New York and take hostages. Two detectives have the mission to make contact with the group, but are surprised by the intelligence of the leader.

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Several safes of cash and valuable jewelry were stolen in September 1971 from a bank in London. However, the kidnappers also took the opportunity to steal a secret from the British Royal Family.

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The Brazilian film is based on the second largest bank robbery in the world. In 2005, R $ 164.7 million was stolen from the Central Bank, in Fortaleza, Ceará. The theft happened without violence, without shots and without triggering any alarm. The film’s cast features Hermila Guedes, Lima Duarte and Eriberto Leão.

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Ben Affleck is the director of this film and plays Doug MacRay, a very good leader in planning robberies. In one of his robberies, his partner decides to take a hostage as a precaution and the chosen one is the bank robber’s assistant manager.

The event traumatizes the girl and she becomes an immediate threat to the group. Therefore, Doug is in charge of watching her, but ends up falling in love with her.

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With Al Pacino in the cast, the film portrays the story of a bank robbery in Brooklyn. In theory it would be a robbery of just ten minutes, but after several hours, the assailants still hold hostages.

While everything happens, the crowd supports the assailants, being a large audience and attracting the media. And, little by little, the real reasons behind the theft are revealed.

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The film won four Oscar nominations, including ‘Best Picture’ and ‘Best Original Screenplay’.

In the interior of Texas, United States, two brothers, pressured by the proximity of the mortgage on the family farm, have the idea of ​​robbing a bank, the same one that charges them, to recover. But a particular delegate will go to great lengths to capture them.

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This comedy features Bruce Willis and Cate Blanchett in the cast. Two criminals escape from prison and decide to promote several bank robberies to pay for their dreams and new lives.

To carry out the robberies, they go to the manager’s house the day before and spend the night, to go to the place the next day to get the money. Before long, they become adored by the public and pursued tirelessly by the police.

In the middle of a robbery, they meet Kate, who wants to escape her boring life. But the situation becomes complicated when the police believe that the girl is a hostage to the robbers and, therefore, they decide to carry out a huge plan to catch them.

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American director Kathryn Bigelow’s film portrays a gang of bank robbers, self-styled “The Former Presidents” as they wear masks of former American presidents in their robberies.

The FBI has a group of surfers as a suspect, so it sends an undercover agent to get information. However, there he meets a very intelligent man who shows him a different world.

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In this film, Johnny Depp is John Dillinger, a criminal who attracts public opinion in his favor because he claimed to withdraw from the banks the money they stole from the citizen.

In the midst of impressive robberies and escapes, the police fail to capture him and this becomes an obsession for a bureaucrat, willing to do anything to strengthen the FBI.

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The film is a production of Quentin Tarantino and meets the style of the famous director.

In the plot, an experienced criminal plans a major diamond theft. For this, he gathers six bandits who know nothing about each other and each uses a color as a code name. However, during the robbery, something went wrong, as several policemen were waiting at the scene.

On the run, one of the robbers is shot and taken to the warehouse, where he had arranged the meeting. Soon, mistrust arises among the group and many confusions.

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Other films about grand thefts and well-thought-out crimes that may please those who liked them are:

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