La Casa de Papel: Check out what happened at the CCXP panel

La Casa de Papel: Check out what happened at the CCXP panel

La Casa de Papel: Check out what happened at the CCXP panel
Photo: Disclosure / Netflix

This Sunday (08), during the Netflix panel at CCXP19, in São Paulo, the cast of La Casa de Papel was present to talk about the news of the series.

On the main stage of the event, the stars were received Pedro Alonso (Berlin), Rodrigo de la Serna (Palermo), Esther Acebo (Mónica Gaztambide), Darko Peric (Helsinki) and Alba Flores (Nairobi).

At first, the artists were enchanted by the love and excitement of the Brazilian fans, who barely let them speak in the midst of so many screams, thrilling mainly Ester Acebo, who almost cried.

When asked what is happening to their characters in this transition between the third and fourth season, Alba Flores was speechless to avoid giving spoilers, considering that Nairobi is going through a complicated moment in the plot.

“I think the group will now have a moment to reorganize, is very hurt and needs to restructure itself and find a new way to face the problems, like any family,” says the actress.

The actress also comments that those who like Nairobi will suffer, but still leaving the suspense in the air. When asked why Nairobi is so popular with fans of the series, she goes over the question asked by the audience.

The answer, however, is the Berlin star, who says that Nairobi is so dear because Alba Flores is beautiful and incredible.

In the same panel, exclusive portions of the new season were shown. As with The Witcher, the videos were exclusive to fans attending the event, and had their viewing vetoed from the online broadcast being made by Netflix itself on its social networks and YouTube channel.

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