‘La Casa de Papel’: 7 continuity errors unnoticed in Part 4

‘La Casa de Papel’: 7 continuity errors unnoticed in Part 4

The fourth season of debuted on Netflix this Friday (3) and has already left many fans waiting for the next part. However, some continuity errors were also noticed.

Despite the captivating plot from start to finish, certain mistakes have been made throughout history. But they are understandable, since the plot contains minimal details in each of the scenes.

Thinking about it, we have separated the main flaws of this season, some of which were overlooked by the spectators.

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See 7 continuity errors in Part 4 of

7th Palermo Cup

In the several made by Part 4 of the series, there is a very common mistake of scene continuity in productions.

Among these returns, one of the scenes shows the glass of Palermo (Rodrigo De la Serna), when he is turned towards the bar, with little drink. Then, when the assailant goes to talk to the Professor, his glass appears full of drink.

6 ° The disappearance of the Berlin glass

In the same environment in which the Palermo cup failed, there is another mistake. While Berlin (Pedro Alonso) talked to the Professor at the bar, he had a glass. However, when the camera leaves this focus and then returns, there is no glass left.

About these two situations with glasses, a YouTube channel shows both scenes pointed out. For the curious, just access the link.

5th Conversation between Helsinki and Palermo

In the last episode of the fourth season, entitled “Pano Paris”, Palermo and Hensiki (Darko Peric) talk after he almost killed Gandía (José Manuel Poga), since he had killed his great friend Nairobi.

In this situation, Palermo is talking to Helsinki, but his mouth, on the other hand, is not moving in the scene in question.

4th Tokyo Nails

If the viewer has the famous eagle eye, he will certainly notice this flaw. At the beginning of this new season, the character Tokyo (Interpreted by Ursula Corberó) appears with painted nails.

Not that the assailant couldn’t leave her nails painted black, but time was never a great ally for moorers. In addition, with all the handling and handling of firearms, it would be very difficult to keep your hands with the enamel intact.

3rd Eye of Palermo

In Part 3, Palermo’s eye was pierced by one of the hostages, the head of security at the Bank of Spain, Gandía.

However, in this new part, the mooring does not appear to have a pierced eye. Around him, on the other hand, there are red spots, which resemble blood, and a superficial purplish on the face.

In that sense, Palermo looks more like chicken pox than a punctured eye. Besides, his purple is more unnoticed than if he had been punched in the face.

continuity errors in part 4 of the paper house

2nd Raquel Murillo / Lisbon outfit

When Raquel Murillo / Lisbon (Itziar Ituño) leaves the police tent and is on her way to confess her crimes, and those of the group of assailants, to the judge, she appears wearing a different outfit than she was.

So, Raquel presents herself with a brand new outfit and her hair looks even neat. In this way, counterbalancing all his past suffering in the previous days.

1st Name of Denver

The most notorious mistake of all was with the real name of Denver (Jaime Lorente). In the second season, the assailant reveals to Monica that his real name is Ricardo Ramos.

However, Julia, part of the group who disguises herself as a hostage, calls Denver a Daniel. But what will the character’s real name be? This is a question that will have to be answered by the series’ producers or Netflix itself.

Check out the section where Denver reveals Monica’s real name, at the Mint of Spain:

In addition to these errors in continuity, we could also notice Gandía’s immortality, who was not affected by any of the various bullets fired by the group, after killing Nairobi.

For more details and subliminal curiosities, it remains to wait for the return of the assailants in the fifth season of, which should only debut in 2022.