‘La Casa de Papel 4’: Úrsula Coberó comments on Tokyo in the series

ursula cobero toquio la casa de papel 4

In live, the actress Ursula Coberó revealed to fans that she is looking forward to the debut of and commented on the impacts of interpreting Tokyo in your personal life.

ursula cobero toquio la casa de papel 4

Ursula Coberó comments on living Tokyo in

Due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the actress interpreting from Tokyo in, is quarantined in Argentina, alongside her boyfriend, actor Chino Darín.

During a live on Instagram, with the Colombian musician J Balvin, the actress said she was looking forward to the fourth season of , which will take place next Friday, April 3rd.

The Spanish actress also commented on her routine in the quarantine, saying she was dispersed and concerned, and talked about the impacts of having lived the experience of leading the character in the original production of Netflix.

According to Úrsula Cóberó, playing Tokyo in made her stronger and encouraged her to continue her career, as the artist was already tired of playing good girls.

Tokyo is the character that most changed my life. Not only because of the immense popularity, which had never happened with a Spanish series. But really, I’m much more brave and strong since I played Tokyo. She has a strength.

Ursula said during the live

Ursula Coberó also said she was distressed by the new coronavirus pandemic.

When I wake up, the first thing I think about is the coronavirus. I feel very safe here in Argentina. And here I have a lot of people that I really like. I don’t feel safe traveling, you know?

Told the actress