Kyoto Animation releases an exciting statement about the future of the studio

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On July 29th, Kyoto Animation released on its official website an emotional statement about arson in July and the future of the company, with thanks to fans who are sending positive energy.

Read the full text:

“An unprecedented atrocity has robbed many of our friends and colleagues of their bright future and left many deeply wounded.

News from around the world tells us that an incredibly large number of people have sent their hearts and prayers, which are like candles in the darkness, to those of us who are trapped in the darkness of the deepest sadness.

There are many friends and colleagues who are hospitalized and in pain, fighting for their lives.

Please give us some time.

We promise that Kyoto Animation will continue to create animations that help people to have dreams, to wait for them and to impress them.

Kyoto Animation will continue to make its employees and employees happy and contribute to society and the local community.

I assure you that Kyoto Animation will not give up, we will not go quietly into the night … we will not disappear without a fight!

Kyoto Animation Co. CEO Hideaki Hatta “

Kyoto Animation is a Japanese studio specializing in serial anime and animated films, responsible for productions such as The Voice of Silence and Violet Evergarden. On July 18, a 41-year-old man set fire to the company’s main building, taking the lives of 35 people and injuring others, some of whom remain in hospital with serious injuries.

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