Kylie Jenner surprises fans in photo without makeup: Totally different

Kylie Jenner without makeup

The socialite Kylie Jenner surprised fans last Sunday (22) when it was clicked no make up. It turns out that the diva, famous for participating in the reality show ““, appeared unrecognizable without beauty products.

Kylie Jenner without makeup

Kylie Jenner without makeup is totally different!

Upon being caught by a paparazzi in Los Angeles, Kim Kardashian’s sister caught the attention of several Internet users for being without makeup. Amid the pandemic of the new coronavirus, Kylie Jenner is spending a lot of time in quarantine with her ex, the rapper Travis Scott, with whom he has a two year old daughter, Stormi.

Many netizens criticized the divergent appearance of the famous without the beauty products, others just understood that Kylie Jenner can also be people like us.

Fans also commented on the racial issue. The Kardashian sisters have already been involved in controversy and were accused and “Blackface”, when appearing on social networks with darker skin than usual. An example was when Kim Kardashian posted this photo on social media:

Kim Kardashian is black?

The agenda is not about makeup. Everyone is different with makeup. The point is that people had even forgotten that kylie jenner is a WHITE woman. Just like all your sisters. But it forces a stereotype of Latin and black. Just like all your sisters.

– taw (@missuscarter) April 21, 2020

However, other fans said that Kylie Jenner would be “lacking tanning” during the quarantine, so her skin would be lighter than usual.

Another personality of the Kardashian clan that reverberated without makeup in the past was Kim Kardashian. Despite the notorious differences between the sisters when produced and with a “clean face”, both are still beautiful in the same way. Check out a photo of Kim Kardashian without makeup:

Kim Kardashian without makeup