Kpop group SuperM to partner with Marvel

Kpop group SuperM to partner with Marvel

Kpop group SuperM to partner with Marvel
Photo: Disclosure / SM Entertainment

The group SuperM, SM Entertainment’s new project that will bring together members of popular groups such as EXO, NCT, WayV and SHINee, has not even had its debut on the music scene, but it is already a great success. Lee Soo Man, founder of the agency, revealed at a press conference on Wednesday (25) that his artists will have a partnership with Marvel.

During a speech at the World Knowledge Forum, he talked about the future of technology and how it can be used in entertainment.

As for his new project, he comments on the opportunity for unity between the West and the East:

“SuperM is a group that can increase the synergy between east and west. It is a group of 7 members made up of Baekhyun and Kai from EXO, Taemin from SHINee, Taeyong and Mark from NCT127 and Lucas and Ten from WayV. They will show the main aspects of K-Pop, with excellent dances, vocals, rap and visuals.

So far, SM Entertainment has been working to present our music with our worldview. We tried many things, including collaborations with other artists, but SuperM is not just a project about SM Entertainment: if the endless collaborations continue, it could become a great story of new worldviews from the meetings of the East and the West. “

Finally, Sooman also comments on a future partnership with Marvel Studios:

I want to see and confirm how the Culture Technology that SM Entertainment and I developed will work in the United States. From SuperM, we are scheduled to work in collaboration with Marvel. I’m not sure how exactly this collaboration will work, but we will work on creating a story with SuperM and Marvel Story, creating a song that everyone can sing.

The conference information was released by the Maeil Kyungjae portal, in Korean, and translated into English by Koreaboo.

Meanwhile, the official debut of SuperM is expected for October 4th, with the release of its first mini album.