Korean Film Show takes place in São Paulo this month

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The Cultural Center of São Paulo, in partnership with the Consulate General of South Korea, will hold the Korean Film Festival between June 19 and 21, with an exhibition of blockbusters from the country that continues with its expanding film industry around the world. Huh Jung, director of some of the films to be broadcast, will be at the event on June 19 to discuss his works.

Know the films that will be broadcast:


Directed by Kim Yong-hwa, 2017

South Korea’s first film to be produced as a franchise. The film follows the journey of Ja-hong, a fireman who, after being unexpectedly killed, is taken to meet the Gods in the spiritual underworld to reincarnate as a hero. For that he needs to pass seven tests in the period of 49 days.


Directed by Hun Hang, 2018

In May 1980, a Seoul taxi driver receives a proposal from a foreign reporter to transport him to Gwangju and then return to his place of origin for a trifle that will cover months of his pending rent. On the spot, the taxi driver discovers a reality he has not yet known: the military dictatorship in Korea, when hundreds of civilians were massacred by the government.


Directed by Jung Huh, 2017

A woman with her missing son adopts a girl she found near a mysterious mountain whose legends say a mystical creature lives that mimics humans. New film by the director of the hit song Esconde-Esconde.


Directed by Jung Huh, 2013

Sung-soo has it all: a beautiful woman and children, a comfortable home and a luxury car, and lots of money in the bank. When he discovers that his estranged brother has disappeared, Sung-soo visits his apartment for answers and finds strange symbols written under the bells, and the terrified neighbors who lock their doors at the sight of a stranger. With his own nightmares getting out of hand, Sung-soo must face his most primitive fears to reveal the shocking truth behind the increasingly intense terror. Esconde-Esconde is a praised thriller that reached the eighth position in the list of films that collected the most in South Korea in 2013, besides being the thriller that raised the fastest money in the history of Korean cinema.


Directed by Kim Hyun-seok, 2017

The film tells the story of an old lady and a young officer on duty. They become friends when you start taking English lessons with the officer. Eventually, the officer finds out the real reasons why you decided to learn English. The film won top awards from the Korean film academy, as well as several awards for the film’s leading actress.


Directed by Jo Ui-Seok and Kim Byung-seo, 2014

A gang of assailants, led by James (Woo-sung Jung), is commenting on major thefts. To stop them, the Korean Police Special Crimes Department unit organizes a flawless operation to capture them through a large surveillance system. Yoon-joo (Hyo-ju han) joins Chief Hwang (Kyung-gu Sol), leader of the unit and the hunting mission of James.


Directed by Kim Seong-hun, 2017

Jung-su (Jung-woo Ha) is a car dealer. One day, he leaves his job and goes home as soon as possible, trying to arrive in time to celebrate his birthday with his family. However, something bizarre and unexpected prevents Jung-su’s journey from completing: a tunnel collapses, leaving the man trapped in the rubble.

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