Kleber Bambam, ex-BBB, is accused of harassment by model

Kleber Bambam harassment

Kleber Bambam, ex-BBB, is accused of harassment by model. Yesterday (9), LetĂ­cia Gabriela exposed in her profile (@__letsgab, on Instagram) that her ex-brother harassed her in one.

According to the portal, the model contacted the site team and reported the case. According to LetĂ­cia, the ex-participant finds a profile that he likes and asks for the number. So you start making phone calls or video calls.

In these calls he calls the girl to, keeps saying: “I’m Bambam, you’re not talking to anyone. I am rich and famous ”. Wanting to disparage women, as if he were the last cookie in the package. Anyway, then he starts asking to touch himself, he keeps asking to show his private parts, etc., he says he will touch himself with her.

Say horrors !!! And in it he simply treats women like garbage, demerits the body, speaks ill of girls. If they don’t take their clothes off for him, he blocks and curses all of them in various bad words. And so it goes…

Complements LetĂ­cia Gabriela.

Kleber Bambam harassment

Unfolding the Bambam case

After the exposure made by model LetĂ­cia Grabriela, other women reported the same situation, stating that they had also suffered harassment by Kleber Bambam.

Given this, Letícia created a highlight in her profile so that internet users could follow the controversy closely and not miss any details of the case. In addition, she made a point of showing other girls’ accounts of Bambam’s inappropriate behavior.

One of the women motivated by the model’s exposure was the gamer FunBabe (@funbabe, on Instagram). In your profile on the social network, youtuber said that you went through the same awkward situation. According to her, when she invited the first Big Brother Brasil champion to make some pictures of her channel, Kleber Bambam sexualized her in several moments of the video. Check out the full account of the gamer on his, on Instagram, clicking here.

Controversies involving Kleber Bambam

However, anyone who thinks that this was the only controversy that Kleber Bambam got involved. Last year, the bodybuilder was the target of several criticisms in the networks after having published a video in which a woman was topless in Ibiza, Spain.

According to the journalist Leo Dias’ blog, the former Big Brother had no bad intention with the publication. “My intention was not to denigrate or defame anyone, but to show curiosities about the local culture, the places I travel, which I always do wherever I go,” said Bambam at the time.

Even justifying himself and explaining his intentions, the bodybuilder thought it best to delete the post, to prevent its content from generating even more controversy on social networks.

Regarding the harassment case mentioned by LetĂ­cia Grabriela, Kleber Bambam has yet to comment on the matter.