Kit Haringon would like to make Harry Potter film

Kit Haringon would like to make Harry Potter film

The Harry Potter generation is magnificent: many young people around the world growing up reading Harry Potter books or watching their adaptations in theaters, and a Game of Thrones star is included in this long list of fans. Kit Harington, Jon Snow, has already completed his recordings for the last season of GoT and, in a recent interview, admitted that he would like to join another successful franchise:

“I always wanted to be in a Potter movie. I always wanted to be Harry Potter,” says Harington.

Even after eight films, the current HBO star has not even gotten a small role in the franchise based on JK Rowling’s books and has told Entertainment Weekly that he wishes he could have not only participated in a film in the saga, but also been the protagonist. The actor is three years older than Daniel Radcliffe, which may have made him considered too old for the role at the time, but there may be a new chance in the future.

With the expansion of the Harry Potter universe, including the Harry Potter book and play and the Cursed Child, it may be that in the future we may be able to see an adult Harry in theaters and perhaps Harington might have the role – if Radcliffe refuse it. There is also the opportunity to appear in a Fantastic Beasts spin-off film. You never know, especially with the end of your responsibilities with Game of Thrones.

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