Kingdom writer and director talk about parallel to coronavirus

Kingdom writer and director talk about parallel to coronavirus

Kingdom writer and director talk about parallel to coronavirus
Photo: Disclosure / Netflix

Kim Eunhee and Park Inje, respectively the creator / screenwriter and director of Kingdom, Netflix’s popular zombie epic drama, gave a recent interview to The Hollywood Reporter in which they commented on the performance of the second season of the production, coincidentally released in the middle of a real-life pandemic.

Kim is the first to comment: “Since the series deals with a pandemic, I think it is inevitable that the program will be compared to the current reality and affected by it, in a good or bad way. Although the series is a product of the creators’ wild imagination, I hope the epidemic will soon be under control, as in our series. “

When asked if the audience, influenced by the real situation, could be more interested in watching the series, Kim replies: “Since Kingdom deals with a plague, I tried to put more focus on the story of the people who respond to it than on the plague itself. fight, others give up and others use it to rise to power. If viewers were to focus more on these characters, I think that could alleviate the fear of the epidemic. “

Park also says: “I don’t think people would hesitate to watch the series because it deals with a pandemic; I think they will accept it as a genre [ficcional]. Kingdom has a strong entertainment value, and I think Korean viewers are no longer familiar with the zombie genre. I also think that being a period piece, with which many are familiar, helps to lower the barrier. I hope that, at least when viewers watch Kingdom, they can really enjoy themselves. “

Kingdom debuted in 2019 on the streaming platform and, in March, returned for the launch of its second season. The story set in the Joseon Dynasty period follows how an unknown virus spread across the Korean peninsula by turning its people into zombies.

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