Killing Eve | Season 2 review

 Killing Eve |  Season 2 review

After going through numerous awards and Sandra Oh be duly rewarded for her role as Eve in Killing Eve. Unfortunately Jodie Eating he was not recognized for his work at the awards, but he was impeccable!

And his return could not be different.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

In “Do You Know How to Dispose of a Body?“, We follow Eve’s (Oh) desperation to imagine that she killed Villanelle (Comer), while she searches for a way to simply survive, since in addition to the stab, the Russian mafia is after her.

Impossible not to get excited about Eve wanting to understand what happened to the killer addicted to her, while she has to deal with her husband. It is then that in the second episode she discovers that Villanelle is alive and that she may be in danger, but the most interesting thing is the way she is reunited with Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) and Kenny (Sean Delaney) her son. Only the worst thing is to see that Carolyn is in contact with Konstantin.

Now, “Nice and Neat”It was great for showing us Villanelle in a very complicated situation, because after killing a boy, she ends up being trapped by a man who collects dolls and leaves her very tangled, since she needs to escape to survive. Problem is, she is caught by her former contractors.

The Hungry Caterpillar”Then shows Eve even more obsessed, seeing signs of Villanelle in every corner, but the worst is that everyone is right, except that she doesn’t realize that Konstantin is a failure in her plan and loses her sweetheart again. The fact is that Villanelle is also obsessed, keeping an eye on Niko and the teacher who wants him.

This developmental point in Eve and Niko’s relationship is important, and her desire for Villanelle says a lot about her actions, even with Kenny, who has always been faithful to her. Being blind about Niko only drives you away and we see that in “Desperate Times, that he begins to show tiredness of Eve’s silent actions.

She is silent, and even though she thinks a lot about Villanelle, she starts to focus on Ghost and manages to go to someone, after she makes another victim, and everyone somehow calls Aaron Peel. Ghost seems to have a normal life with children and all the drama that could be his alibi.

Konstantin doesn’t realize how badly Villanelle wants to get Eve’s attention, killing a man and sending a card that makes calls, but the card is intercepted by Carolyn. This lack of information just drives Vilanelle more crazy, and this development shows how attached she is.

Smell Ya Later”Brings us a new dynamic, since Eve managed to get closer to Villanelle and both cannot hide the tension between them. Niko even enters the story and feels jealous of their relationship and in “I Hope You Like Missionary!”He even confronts his wife, but there was something missing in their reaction.

The most interesting thing is the way Carolyn and Konstantin approach and move their heads. The way they connect Aaron Peel, Ghost and the 12 grows very well, but the best way is to see Ghost telling Eve that she is a monster, making us curious to know what Villanelle said.

Only it is in approaching Amber and Aaron Peel that Villanelle is even more confused. Aaron is extremely annoying, and while she looks for a way to affect him, Eve fears that she might lose her hand, only that she ends up hitting him.

I like the way they both look completely lost, where Eve needs to run to have Niko, but sees him lost with his teacher friend, while Villanelle needs distractions for her thirst to call attention to deaths. Eve and Villanelle are lost …

When “Wide Awake”Begins and Eve shows concern for Villanelle to go to Rome with Aaron, we cannot imagine how manipulative he can be, until we see him even intrigued by the belt that the killer decides to use, and this intrigues her even more. Aaron shows his power when he uses his weapon to expose the enemy, and it is not having this knowledge about Billie, in this case Villanelle’s profile, that makes him angry, because he needs to create things for himself.

Niko doesn’t understand Villanelle’s fascination with Eve, but ends up seeing Gemma murdered. When we have Eve and Villanelle clashing at the end of “You’re Mine“, Where the agent decides to go back to her family, I hoped the killer would throw that in her face.

You’re Mine”Still reminds us of how Kenny still tried to get Eve and Hunt not to go to Rome, which has something very wrong there, but I didn’t expect everything to be such a low move from Carolyn alongside Konstantin to take down Peel, that they wanted to live or dead, leaving the dirty work to Villanelle, who didn’t believe it when she understood what was done.

Eve got her hands dirty without knowing anything, just being used and we expect more from her confrontation with Carolyn, and even a date with Kenny, but everything is very fast, because the moments demand urgency and that excites us.

It’s wonderful to see Eve and Villanelle fleeing the Twelve, who send Raymond to Rome to put an end to the situation, but that’s where Eve feels the coldness in killing someone.

If at the end of season 1 it is Eve who leaves Villanelle between life and death, here the pattern is reversed, as the agent decides not to follow the path of the beloved murderer and ends up with a shot. Villanelle believed and dreamed that Eve would follow her, now that she is dirty, but no, the season showed that Eve had everything to be a psychopath, but at the end she took a step back and that earned her a shot in the middle of the confrontation.

With this ending, the series manages to maintain the pace and interest for its 3rd season, and Killing Eve it has a sensational cast to keep everything in place, and the plots are conducted admirably. Will there be more prizes? We wait.