Kevinho is questioned by Netflix in new Elite promotional video

Kevinho is questioned by Netflix in new Elite promotional video

Do you believe? Kevinho, Brazilian funk singer, is in the new video for the promotion of Elite, the original Spanish Netflix series that was launched last Friday (05) and is already considered one of the biggest premieres of the year. The video is a joke by Netflix to publicize his new production, putting Kevinho as one of the young people questioned after the mysterious murder of a young woman.

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The singer still makes a joke when he mentions, in the video, the series La Casa de Papel, which has three actors joining the cast of the new production – one of the reasons that led many people to want to check out Elite.

It is not the first time that Netflix uses national celebrities to promote its series: Xuxa has already taken over for the promotion of Stranger Things, just as we had the singer Valesca and Inês Brasil to promote Orange is The New Black. Sandy and Evaristo Costa have also worked in the company’s marketing sector.

Elite, for its part, is a series spent at the Las Encinas school, where the rich study. Three young middle class men, Samuel, Christian and Nadia, are going to study there after an earthquake destroyed their school and received scholarships, which does not please the local elite and unleashes a rivalry between those who have everything and those who do not. they have nothing to lose, ending in murder. Remember the trailer:

In all, eight episodes were launched completing the first season, which is now available to be marathoned directly by Netflix, on any device, dubbed or subtitled. Liked? Read more about Elite on our website.