Julianne Moore will star in LOVE: The Story of Lisey, adaptation of Stephen King’s book, for Apple TV +!

Julianne Moore will star in LOVE: The Story of Lisey, adaptation of Stephen King's book, for Apple TV +!

Julianne Moore back to the TV, or in the case to the AppleTV +!

According to information released by THR, the actress will star in the adaptation of Love: Lisey’s Story (Lisey’s Story, in the original) of the author Stephen King for the technology company’s streaming service.

JJ Abrams must produce and write the episodes. There will be 8 in total.

According to the synopsis, the book’s plot follows Lisey Landon, who shared a deep and sometimes frightening intimacy with her husband, Scott, a celebrated and successful writer – a man full of secrets. One of these secrets was the source of his imagination, a place with the ability to heal or destroy him.

In Love, two years after becoming a widow, Lisey must unravel the papers left by her husband in the office of the isolated house where the two lived. She will have to face Scott’s demons, embarking on a dangerous journey into the darkness he used to adapt to the cover. Thus, he enters the fantastic parallel world of Boo’ya Moon, his refuge during his childhood marked by abuse and at the same time the source of his creativity. Using the couple’s particular language – silly terms, lyrics, puns and nicknames that the widow keeps as remnants of conjugal intimacy – Scott left his wife a kind of puzzle, so that she can finally understand him. Along this terrifying path, Stephen King reveals the singular strangeness of widowhood, when someone with whom a long life has been shared is no longer present. The author reveals in Love “… the lake where we all go to drink and swim, and on whose banks we will catch a little fish… the lake that some fearless souls sing in their fragile wooden boats behind the big fish… the lake of life, the cup of imagination… ”.

In Brazil, the book was launched by Ponto De Leitura.

The series has no expected start of recordings or release date.