Josh Gad says he won’t be the Penguin in The Batman!

Josh Gad says he won't be the Penguin in The Batman!

With the name of the Penguin circulating the list of possible villains for The Batman from the beginning, the actor Josh Gad always fueled rumors of his participation in the feature.

Until today (21). Gad used twitter to say he won’t be the character. Does the actor want to divert attention? Rumors that the casting for new names in the cast of the film led by Matt Reeves, should come out in the coming months.

Ok, seeing as I keep getting this question… as much as I have LOVED torturing you all with teasing you about the Penguin, I feel like it’s time to tell you… I’m NOT actually playing this character. But I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the fan art and the love. 😂😘

– Josh Gad (@joshgad) June 21, 2019 “Okay, as I’ve been getting this question a lot… and as much as I love to torture you all with the rumors about the Penguin, I think it’s time to tell… I’m not going play the character. But I liked the fan art and your love. ”

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In addition to Penguin and Catwoman, The Batman may have Two Faces and Mad Hatter as villains, check out all the rumors of The Batman on here.

The project then has been called The Batman/Untitled Batman Project and will feature a young version, played by Robert Pattinson, Gotham’s Watchman and a more investigative tone, where we’ll see the more detective character, looking for clues to the plans the villains plot through the city.

Batman arrives on June 25, 2021.