Jorel’s brother wins Quirino Award for best Ibero-American animation series

Jorel's brother wins Quirino Award for best Ibero-American animation series

Brother of Jorel, Brazilian animation created by Julian Enrico and co-produced by the channel cartoon Network and by the producer Copa Studio, the Best Animation Series we Quirino Awards, who recognize great names in Ibero-American animation, with the episode “Be Broccoli!”Of the third season.

The 2019 edition of the award, which had 244 entries registered, 16 participating countries and 54 hours of entertainment in total, took place last Saturday, April 6, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain.

We are very proud to know that a Brazilian production was elected the best series among so many other great productions. This shows the potential that audiovisual, especially animations, has in Latin America as a whole, including Brazil“, Comments Adriana Alcântara, senior director of content and national production for Cartoon Network.

On television since 2014, Brazilian animation Brother of Jorel tells the story of the youngest son of an eccentric family of accumulators. With the help of his best friend Lara, he faces life’s first obstacles at a breakneck and fun pace. Always doing everything to not be overshadowed by the popularity of his older brother, the protagonist never has his name revealed.

Irmão do Jorel is a series that was born from an open pitching for independent producers to have the same opportunity that great producers have to expose their ideas“, Completes the executive.

With an audience of over 21 million people on pay TV in 2018, Brother of Jorel premieres new episodes of the third season every Monday at 8 pm on the Cartoon Network Premiere Block.