Joker, Scarlett Johansson and Joaquin Phoenix: for whom Brazilians would give the Oscar

Joker, Scarlett Johansson and Joaquin Phoenix: for whom Brazilians would give the Oscar

The most important film award of the year will take place next Sunday (9). If the result depended on the volume of searches performed by Brazilians on the internet, who would take the statuette? For this, SEMrush, the global leader in digital marketing, carried out a study to find out which were the most sought after indications in search engines, such as Google Yahoo and Bing, by Brazilians during the last 3 months of last year.

Since its debut in October, in the first place, “Joker” has been shooting as the most searched movie with 7.3 million searches for its name; Then “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” received 491,000 searches in the quarter. Thirdly, the movie “Ford vs Ferrari” received 429 thousand searches, while “Parasita” was searched 297 thousand times. Fifth, “Story of a wedding” had 252 thousand searches. “O Irlandês” with 215 thousand, “Jojo Rabbit” with 80.8 thousand and the film “1917” with 35.4 thousand. Finally, there is the feature “Adorable Women”, with 13.6 thousand.

The most wanted Oscar nominated films 2020

1. Joker – 7.3 million

2. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – 491k

3. Ford vs Ferrari – 429k

4. Parasite – 297 thousand

5. History of a Wedding – 252 thousand

6. The Irishman – 215 thousand

7. Jojo Rabbit – 80.8 thousand

8. 1917 – 35.4 thousand

9. Lovely Women – 13,600

What is the best actress?

According to the SEMrush survey, Scarlett Johansson – in “History of a wedding” – is the research champion, there were 779 thousand in the analyzed period. In second place and with 300 thousand searches, the actress Charlize Theron, who shone in the film “The Scandal”. To complete the top 4, Saoirse Ronan received 82,400 searches for his name, while Cynthia Erivo got 10,600 searches.

Best actor?

On the other hand, the actors were also analyzed. Joaquin Phoenix is ​​the champion with an incredible 2.2 million searches for his name. Followed by Leonardo DiCaprio, with 602 thousand searches and Adam Driver, with 346 thousand. In fourth place, Antonio Banderas with 123 thousand and, in fifth, Jonathan Pryce with 100 thousand searches.

The most searched documentary on the internet by Brazilians was “Democracia em Vertigem”, with a volume of 51.8 thousand searches in the last quarter. It is worth mentioning that in June and July alone, production received 478 thousand surveys. Second, the documentary “The Cave” received 3,900 searches. “Honeyland” received 3.7 thousand, “American Industry”, 1.57 thousand and “For Sama” received 1.19 thousand. Apart from the Brazilian documentary, the others had no search peaks throughout 2019.

As a curiosity, the film “Dois Papas”, which competes for the Oscar for best adapted script, received 314 thousand searches in the last quarter of last year.


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