John Cho is the first Asian American to star in a thriller – and he’s not very happy about it

John Cho is the first Asian American to star in a thriller - and he's not very happy about it

John Cho is a popular face for having played several roles in films and television projects and recently became the first Asian-American actor to star in a big screen thriller, Searching, directed by Aneesh Chaganty, about a young woman who disappears, but she leaves clues on her social networks for her father to find her.

In an interview, however, the star comments that he is not exactly happy with his new title:

“Listen … I’m looking forward to the day when none of this will be new. That’s my opinion on this. It’s exciting to be the first, but it’s a little disappointing too. I don’t think I want to be the first Asian in anything else anymore, because it means we haven’t done anything yet! “

With these words, John Cho says he hopes for the day when film diversity is normal, saddened that, in 2018, there are still Asians shocking audiences for starring in big-box films.

In the same interview, he also comments on almost having denied the proposal: “Although I really loved the script, the story was convincing and I wanted to do a thriller, I was not putting faith in filming on a computer screen. it looked like a cinema, not a video. So I said no. I refused. “

Fortunately, Cho reversed his decision and, so far, the film has made more than $ 50 million worldwide, hitting a 10-fold profit over the $ 5 million budget spent on producing the plot.

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