John Cho and Daniella Pineda are in the cast of Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop

John Cho and Daniella Pineda are in the cast of Netflix's Cowboy Bebop

THE Netflix begins to form the cast of the live action of Cowboy Bebop.

They were confirmed in the cast of the series John Cho (Star Trek, Seeking out…), Musatafa Shakir (Marvel – Luke Cage), Daniella Pineda (Jurassic World: Threatened Kingdom) and Alex Hassell (Suburbicon).

The space series will have as screenwriter Chris Yost and the studio Sunrise, responsible for the original series.

Yost is a producer and screenwriter of live action based on Cowboy Bebop, a worldwide phenomenon that tells the story of a team of bounty hunters who flee their past while chasing the biggest criminals in the solar system. They will even save the world … for the right price.

Cho will be Spike Spiegiel, an incredibly cool “cowboy” with a killer smile, ironic humor and style to spare. He travels the solar system with his ex-cop partner, Jet, chasing the most dangerous rewards with a combination of charm, charisma and the deadly Jeet Kune Do.

Shakir is Jet Black, one of the few honest policemen in the solar system before a betrayal robbed him of everything he loved, forcing him into a vagabond hunting life to put food on his table. Jet is a jazz enthusiast and captain of Bebop.

Pineda is Faye Valentine, a courageous, passionate and unpredictable bounty hunter. Suffering from amnesia, after years of cryogenic freezing, Faye does what it takes to survive. In the meantime she is lying, stealing or just tormenting Spike and Jet.

Hassell is Vicious, a man who likes a good kill and is Syndicate’s most notorious killer. He is also a former partner and archenemy of Spike Spiegel.

Cowboy Bebop does not yet have a set debut date.