Jim Parsons says he hasn’t accepted the end of TBBT yet

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Actor Jim Parsons, one of the protagonists of The Big Bang Theory, said he has not yet accepted the end of the series. There were 12 seasons and 12 years of project.

“It’s not yet clear that it’s completely over. Mainly because the way our programming has worked for 12 years, this was a real break from us. I look forward to September, where I would normally be working and our episodes would start airing. That’s when I think that certain things will start to hit me. And it all ended up the way I thought was right. There were probably a million different ways to feel good. I was talking to some of the writers and I know that while they were writing, they were nervous. I said, ‘It’s the end, you can’t fully understand. Someone is going to hate this. ‘ But I don’t think that was really the case, which was really good. I think it ended up the right way ”.

The Big Bang Theory is a highly successful series and one of the most watched programs in the United States. In Brazil the attraction is also very successful and was shown by the Warner channel.

The series is so successful that a street in Pasadena, California, was named after the attraction during the show’s 200-episode celebrations.

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By Milena Costa