Jemma Hendricks could be the new protagonist of Batwoman

Jemma Hendricks could be the new protagonist of Batwoman

Jemma Hendricks could be the new protagonist of Batwoman
Photo: Disclosure / Netflix

It was recently announced that after Ruby Rose (xXx: Reactivated) abandoned the role of Kate Kane, codenamed Batwoman, in the eponymous series, the plot would go through not a change of interpreter, but of character, passing the mantle to another name that, according to rumors, it would be “Ryan”.

Recently, the casting call for a new character called “Ryan Wilder” was found on Reddit, in which Caroline Dries, creator of the series, confirms that she would replace Kate Kane, of Rose.

The site accompanied an audition tape, now excluded, which showed actress Jemma Hendricks auditioning for the role. The video showed the character being caught in the act in Batwoman’s outfit, thanks to a built-in GPS tracker. She knows that Kate Kane was Batwoman and says she “saw everything that happened and put two and two together”.

“Kate was our friend,” said an off-camera voice, “and we will not allow anyone to undo all the good she has done for this city by rewriting her legacy.”

“I’m not rewriting it,” said Wilder. “I am finishing.”

The video also details how the second season plot might look: Wilder reveals that Jonathan Crane – aka The Scarecrow – killed his mother, and that she wants to be the new Batwoman to face him and kill him.

What is surprising is that there is no one in the DC universe by the name of Ryan Wilder, which suggests two theories: either the CW is inventing new characters or is using a pseudonym to keep the identity of the new protagonist secret during this period of leaks and speculation.

Ruby Rose, who played Kate Kane in the series’ inaugural season, will not return for a second season. However, as she left the program in good spirits with the team, it may be that she makes a small special appearance to close her narrative if necessary.

The new season is expected to debut only in January 2021.

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