Jason Momoa says filming Justice League was more fun than Aquaman

Jason Momoa says filming Justice League was more fun than Aquaman

Jason Momoa recently revealed in an interview to the American portal CinemaBlend why he preferred to work in Justice League over Aquaman. According to the star:

“I really loved being with all my friends, you know? We had a lot of fun doing Justice League. Zack is amazing. And then, it was phenomenal to have his own story. I mean, in the end, I probably had a better one, more fun personally doing the Justice League. Because I’m not at all! So life is probably a little better, because someone else is working. But, you know, it’s your whole show. It’s your movie, and that it is very important too. “

For him, it’s more fun to work as a team than in a solo film, but a second League film is still unlikely inside DC studios, which have kept the subject locked in a well-hidden suitcase for the past few months.

Aquaman’s official debut takes place in Brazilian theaters and officially opens in theaters on December 13 in Brazil. Until then, remember the trailer and synopsis of the plot below:

Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) is the son of Atlanna, princess of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis. Your father is a simple human. For a long time, Arthur led a normal life away from water. But the time has come for him to go in search of his true origin and assume his identity as the superhero Aquaman.

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