Jason Momoa claims Aquaman is the type of hero you can have a beer with


During an interview Jason Momoa stated that Aquaman is a hero of the working class. He said he wanted to make a hero who could have a beer with people.

“I wanted to make a guy that you could have a beer with. I think that’s why they hired me for the role. He’s serious, but he’s also tired. He saw too much, he doesn’t trust anyone. I think it is everything about building trust, and that’s what he demonstrated in the Justice League, he learned to be part of a team. You can’t sit and have a beer with Superman, you know?

I wanted Aquaman to be that guy – a worker. I think this is the main thing about him, he is from the working class. He grew up with his father, repairing bicycles, old cars, and at a certain age he receives this power. But he doesn’t know how to deal, “said the actor.

We’ve already checked Jason Momoa’s Aquaman in the Justice League and he has earned the hero’s badass and badass reputation. In the solo film he will be lost between the two worlds he belongs to, humans and Atlantis.

One of the highlights of the film promises to be Amber Heard in the role of Mera, the badass wife of Aquaman, who has already appeared with costume and character approved.

Take the opportunity to check out the trailer:

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By Milena Costa